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XENOFOX - Olaf Rupp & Rudi Fischerlehner
photo by Cristina Marx

XENOFOX   en/de

Olaf Rupp - electric guitar, Rudi Fischerlehner - drums

They can make quite a fuss in the china shop. But the aim is not to destroy things. It is about creating spaces. It is the air and the hidden silence amidst all the rubble that begets something special. A creative furor comes along with just enough ease to make sure that in the end everything fits together well to form a meandering whole. There is an organic wilderness in this music gaining ground so irreverently that if you are able to enjoy a note, a sound, a beat just for what they are: a note, a sound, a beat, then you will have fun to see the wood for the trees.

The cooperation between Olaf Rupp and Rudi Fischerlehner dates back to the year 2010: in different line ups – above all as a trio with Matthias Müller under the name RMF – they perform at many festivals of Jazz and New Music such as Saalfelden, Ulrichsberg and Elbjazz Hamburg and publish two albums, TAM and TINGTINGK. In 2014 the two play their first festival appearance as a duo in Aarhus, Denmark. A recording of the concert is published as a CD and highly received by the media as “furious” and as “one of Rupp’s great moments” (Bad Alchemy) with “softly flowing layers” of “tempo and riot” (freistil). 

Xenofox Hundred Beginnings

Barely two years later Rupp and Fischerlehner, now running under the name XENOFOX, present their first studio album HUNDRED BEGINNINGS. A large number of concerts at venues as different as Berlin’s squat bar Schokoladen, German avantgarde institutions in Bielefeld and Schorndorf or the honorable Kaleidophon in Ulrichsberg, Austria were ideal opportunities for the duo to adapt their ears and instincts to each other and to focus and finetune their musical visions. 

The result is an album of Improvised Music with a very unique character and a very modern sound and concept, which is questioning official historiography and opening up new directions. „This can get quite loud sometimes, has a nice energy“ and „it refers to Rock Music and to Freejazz both at the same time“ (OÖ Nachrichten).

Xenofox & Joke Lanz

In 2017 they play a trio set with turntablist Joke Lanz at Alarme Festival Berlin, a recording of the concert gets released on Oltrarno Records as ALARM. The festival program sees the improvising trio "influenced by trip hop as well as by punk and performance art" and Exclaim! magazine states: "this is what rock and roll should sound like in 2018."


2015 Olaf Rupp & Rudi Fischerlehner Live at Lydfestival Aarhus, Farai-Records and Bad Alchemy, CD Bandcamp

2016 Xenofox Hundred Beginnings, Farai-Records, CD Bandcamp

2018 Xenofox & Joke Lanz Alarm, Oltrarno Raw, CD Bandcamp

2019 Olaf Rupp & Rudi Fischerlehner Xenokustik, Audiosemantics, digital Bandcamp



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