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2019 Rudi Fischerlehner 15 8 SLUM, Not Applicable CD

2019 Nichtseattle Wendekid *, CD

2018 Xenofox & Joke Lanz Alarm, Oltrarno Raw CD

2017 Tankris Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha Chain*, plag dich nicht CD & LP

2017 Fiium Shaarrk We Are Astonishingly Lifelike, Not Applicable CD

2017 Gorilla Mask Iron Lung, Clean Feed CD & LP

2017 La Tourette The Great Mickey Mouse Swindle, Solaris Empire CD

2017 Sound 8 Orchestra Grooves From Another Galaxy, Langusta LP

2016 Xenofox Hundred Beginnings, Farai-Records CD

2016 Julie Sassoon Quartet Fourtune, jazzwerkstatt CD

2016 Simon Vincent´s Occasional Trio Opening Lines, Vision of Sound

2015 Olaf Rupp & Rudi Fischerlehner Live at Lydfestival Aarhus, Farai-Records and Bad Alchemy CD

2015 Frank Paul Schubert & Rudi Fischerlehner Willing Suspension of Disbelief, Not Applicable CD

2015 Fiium Shaarrk The Great Swimming Pool of Liberation & Bogan Sunrise CD (EP length, 3 tracks only)

2015 Zachov Über Ich*, Blankrecords LP

2014 Peter Van Huffel´s Gorilla Mask Bite my Blues, Clean Feed CD

2013 Rupp / Müller / Fischerlehner TAM, Not Applicable CD

2012 Fiium Shaarrk No Fiction Now!, Not Applicable CD

2012 Princessin Hans Because you wouldn´t play tennis with Freddy*, CD

2012 Peter Van Huffel´s Gorilla Mask Howl!, Between the Lines CD

2011 Rupp / Müller / Fischerlehner Tingtingk, Gligg CD

2011 Tankris Am and What*, LP & CD

2011 Sound 8 Orchestra Non Stop Dancing, Langusta LP

2010 Grid Mesh Coordinates, FMR CD

2009 Erste Stufe Haifisch st, Farai-Records CD

2009 VA Kulturbaden Ottensheim*, zach-records CD

2009 Bonaparte Remuched*, Staatsakt CD

2008 Shoot the Moon Glory and Decay, Jazzwerkstatt Berlin CD

2007 Sublimation Orchestra 4 Intermezzi, phonector CD

2007 Grid Mesh st, Farai-Records and NRW-AO CD

2007 Pinx Milieu, Farai-Records and NRW-AO CD

2005 Pinx st, Farai-records CD

2005 Odd Shot Oscar und Emma, Konnex-Records CD

2004 Kontext Rückblende, PG-Records CD

2002 Kontext st, PG-Records, CD

2001 Roh Diamanten, CD

2001 Blendwerk Keine Angst, distr. by trost CD

1999 Blendwerk, CD

1997 Blendwerk Leroy, MC

1993 Wolfgang Mitterer Turmbau zu Babel, CD

* Rudi plays only on individual tracks on indicated albums

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mickey mouse swindle

iron lung

fiium shaarrk

100 beginnings








Willing Suspension of Disbelief




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