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2019 Alterazioni Video / Waiting for the Tsunami
3 day performance, Biennale di Venezia

2019 Wilhelm Groener / A. E.
Performance, Tieranatomisches Theater Berlin

2018 Wilhelm Groener / D.R.A.G.
Performance, Uferstudios Berlin

2017 Wilhelm Groener / Schleppen
Performance, Open Spaces Festival, Uferstudios Berlin

2016 Wilhelm Groener / Becoming Undone part III
Performance, Uferstudios Berlin

2016 Wilhelm Groener / Becoming Undone part II
Performance, Uferstudios Berlin

2015 Wilhelm Groener - O.T. (A.T.)
Performance, Uferstudios Berlin

2014 Tarek Atoui - The Dahlem Sessions
Berlin Biennale

2014 Wilhelm Groener / Korridor
Performance, Uferstudios Berlin

2014 Wilhelm Groener / K-Projekt
Performance, Uferstudios Berlin

2012 Performance with Rainer Kohlberger (video)
Basics Festival Salzburg, Galerie 5020

2011 Zone Prekär, Photo Installation by Helmut Kandl
Music by Katrin Plavcak (voc) and RF (git, key, dr, samples)

2007 No Sound of Silence, Soundinstallation by Katrin Plavcak and RF
Kunstverein Salzburg


2015 Von hier aus / Beyound Elsewhere
A film by Johanna Kirsch and Katharina Lampert, 89 min.
Soundtrack includes music by Ton Steine Scherben and Rudi Fischerlehner

2014 Double Happiness
Art-documentary by Ella Raidel, 70min, Music produced by Rudi Fischerlehner

2014 The Peacock Walk (Wise Up Ghost), Video by Paul Hendrikse
Soundtrack/Sounddesign Rudi Fischerlehner

2013 The twelfth Man
Video by Paul Hendrikse, performance score worked out with RF
Produced for Contour Festival, Mechelen, BE

2012 Nothingness, Video by Lila Sotiriou, Music by RF
Music version produced for Moving Silence Festival, Athens, GR

2011 Pygmalion, Video by Johanna Kandl and Helmut Kandl
Music by RF

2010 Orgon Rock, Video by Katrin Plavcak with Johanna Kirsch
Music produced and played by RF with vocals by Katrin Plavcak.
Produced for National Museum in Oslo, Norway

2009 New No Colonies, Music video by Johanna Kirsch and Katrin Plavcak, Music written and performed by Plavcak, Kirsch, Fischerlehner.
Produced for Secession Wien

2008 As if it were Nature / The inverse Utopia.
Experimental documentary by Johanna Kirsch, 22 min
Music written and performed (git, sampling, drums) by Rudi Fischerlehner.

2003 Jewel Osco, Music Video by Johanna Kirsch and Katrin Plavcak
Beatbox programming by RF, Produced for Kunsthaus Wien