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Dyberg Fischerlehner


Mia Dyberg - alto saxophone
Rudi Fischerlehner - drums, percussion

Mia Dyberg and Rudi Fischerlehner played together in different band constellations over the last years, but mainly kept developing a quite unique duo universe, reaching trance states through minimalism and abstract beats, throwing chunks of improvised noise at each other or trying to emulate the acoustic environment of a park in the middle of Berlin Kreuzberg. Their sound is well documented on the digital EP "Pause" on Farai-Records (2020).

Mia Dyberg is a danish saxophonist, improviser and composer based in Berlin. Her unique melodic expression emerges from wild sound experiments combined with Swedish melancholy. She composes for the Mia Dyberg Trio (Freejazz inspired by W.S. Burroughs) and the sax / vocal duo Kovacs & Dyberg (experimental storytelling) and performs with Axel Dörner, Rieko Okuda, Elliot Cardinaux, Clayton Thomas, Herb Robertson, Tristan Honsinger, Tobias Delius among others. She is a co-founder of the international improvisers collective "The Community".

“It’s always good to welcome new talent to the music scene, especially when the artists have their own strong vision of what music should and could sound like. And Mia Dyberg clearly fits into that category.” 


Rudi Fischerlehner plays drums in various different musical projects that fall between improvised and experimental music, jazz and post-rock. He also composes and produces music for bands, film and performances. His current projects include his drum solo project 15 8 SLUM, XENOFOX with Olaf Rupp (and occasionally Joke Lanz), RMF with Rupp and Matthias Müller and Ohlmeier / Khroustaliov / Fischerlehner. He also drums for Gorilla Mask, La Tourette and the Julie Sassoon quartet and is involved with indie-labels Farai-Records and Not Applicable.

"He makes music as if he would produce chance.“ 

Kristof Schreuf, Junge Welt