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fiium shaarrk

Fiium Shaarrk´s new album "We are astonishingly lifelike"
is out on Not Applicable. Lots of new music with guest vocals
by Tujiko Noriko, samples by Stephen P. McGreevy and
extended liner notes by Neil Bennun.
More infos here, avaiable from Bandcamp


Xenofox "Hundred Beginnings", studio debut of Olaf Rupp and Rudi Fischerlehner on Farai-Records.
More infos here

Gorilla Mask´s new disc "Iron Lung" on Clean Feed is avaiable from the GM website or from Bandcamp

La Tourette / The Great Mickey Mouse Swindle will be out
in May on Solaris Empire, up for preorder now also on Bandcamp

A feature about Rudi written by Stephan Roiss
for freistil magazine #66 can be found