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Xenofox / Hundred Beginnings / Farai-Records.
"Alles fließt. Panther, Reh... Von leichter Hand gelingt das Neue, das Frische, das Unerwartete. Avantgarde mit viel Soul."
felix, freistil
"Almost complete silence, buzzing, squeaking, chiming percussion, alt rock crescendos à la Sonic Youth and prolonged reverbs... Xenofox’s debut is a beautiful album full of filigree detail, unexpected contrasts and varied moods." Martin Schray, freejazzblog.org

fiium shaarrk

Fiium Shaarrk´s new album We are astonishingly lifelike
is out on Not Applicable. With guest vocals by Tujiko Noriko.
"A truly innovative trio" Verity Sharp, BBC Late Junction

la tourette

La Tourette / The Great Mickey Mouse Swindle is out
on Solaris Empire
"Eine kalkulierte Zumutung." MUSIKEXPRESS


A feature about Rudi written by Stephan Roiss
for freistil magazine #66 can be found