Rudi Fischerlehner
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Der dritte Stand

Der Dritte Stand

Matthias Müller - trombone
Matthias Bauer - double bass
Rudi Fischerlehner - drums, percussion

Der Dritte Stand is a new trio from Berlin's thriving experimental music scene. "The CD title and trio name, which translates as the Third Estate, or the common people, came about after a fellow musician noted that each player’s surname initially denoted an ancient and honorable profession", explains Ken Waxman in the liner notes to the album.

The music is freely improvised and follows the impulses of the moment. From open, freely associated soundscapes to dense passages with distant echoes of free jazz, a wide range of possibilities of musical interplay are explored. A mutually supportive give and take and tension-filled alternations between solo, duo, and trio attest to the ensemble's hierarchy-free structure.

To quote Ken Waxman again: "Hard working musicians, who subtly refer to creative music’s proletarian roots, the trio members demolish any charges of elitism on this disc. At the same time the breath of their ideas and skill in performance promulgated during the suite move the performances into the realm of unpretentious high art."


Der Dritte Stand, Not Applicable NOT061, 2022
Available as CD and digital download from Bandcamp


"Umstand" on Soundcloud

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Der dritte Stand - Bauer, Fischerlehner, Müller

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