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grid mesh


Andreas Willers - git
Frank Paul Schubert - sax
Rudi Fischerlehner - dr, perc

Andreas Willers, Frank Paul Schubert and Rudi Fischerlehner formed this trio after different collaborations within the Berlin scene and - in an open process of experimentation annd development - reached a very personal band sound that can hardly be described as `jazz‘ anymore.

Through creative and anarchic umgang with their vocabulary the musicians almost elude the impression to move into a non-idiomatic realm: scenes may be reminiscent of rock, jazz or electronic styles, but are nonetheless floating in a non-repetitive rubatoish condition, melodic lines by the saxophone are being endangered by noise-guitars just to melt into innovative sound collages. A strong focus on counterpoint and connected textures almost completely erodes the classification in soloists and acompanyists.

You won‘t be suprised by this wealth of input once you follow the biographic roots of the three musicians through a rhizom of Jazz, free improv, Neue Musik, drum&bass, independent Rock and Noise.
The result is a music full of suspense, depth and wit.

In 2010 Rudi Fischerlehner left the band and free jazz legend Willi Kellers took over the drum chair.

Grid Mesh / st, Farai-records with NRW, 2007
Grid Mesh / Coordinates, FMR, 2010



"This is some incredible improv - often eerie, extremely focused and consistently engaging. The magic of improv is that when it works, it evokes images, tells a story and takes you along for a fascinating ride. This is what we have here. The way these players work together is tight and crafty. It sounds as if they have been playing together for a long while, since they anticipate each other so well.
If you need some proof that this is one of the best dates of the year, just check out "The Newt", only six & a half minutes and an outstanding example of improv at its best."
Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery on "Coordinates"

"Musical quality is often the result of a focused common vision on the musical project by the artists involved. This trio manages to do exactly that to the extreme: even if their universe is unusual and full of adventurous soundscapes, the coherence of the music is phenomenal (...)" on "Coordinates"

"Grid Mesh approximates the sound of live wires dangling from a hole punched through a wall - a constant flow of electricity, at times throwing off sparks and threatening to ignite. (...) occasionally gel into a jazz-like flow or veer off into the ragged velocity of punk rock, but are mostly concerned with creating a collective aggression."
Shaun Brady, Philadelphia Citypaper

"When the trio gel and have purpose, the result is impressive."
the wire, UK

„...refreshes like Fisherman‘s Friends: if they are too strong you are too weak.“
MZ, Germany

„... a strong, tough piece of freestyle music with it‘s historic origins still traceable. But it is placed as an amalgam on a far remote place - cunning, heartfelt, in-your-face stuff“.
freistil, Austria

"Willers is truly a Stupor-Mundi guitarist."
Bad Alchemy, 2007